Toddler playing with beach toys in the sand.

29 Fabulous Beach Toys for Toddlers

Getting ready for a beach trip with your toddler? I have asked for advice from fellow moms and scoured Amazon to pull together the ultimate list of beach toys for toddlers. I hope that when you are done exploring these ideas, you will have put together the perfect set of beach toys to make your toddler’s beach experience extra fun.

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Sand Molds

With these sand mold sets, you and your toddler can create fun, unique, and even educational shapes on the beach. When they are not being used at the beach, your kids can play with them in the bathtub, sandbox, or even in the snow.

This sandcastle building kit will turn you and your toddler into architects and construction workers. Instead of a full castle, this kit gives you molds for bricks, rooftops, and domes to design your own castle.

Sea Creatures Mold Set

This made-to-last Hape sand mold set includes a fish, seashell, seahorse, starfish, and crab.

Dinosaur Bones Sand Mold Set

Look out for dinosaur bones! You and your pint-sized paleontologist can use these sand molds to build three whole dinosaurs in the sand, leave a trail of fossils along the beach, or bury them to excavate.

Read a complete list of dinosaur toys for toddlers.

Alphabet Beach Sand Mold Toy Set

With this educational beach toy, you and your toddler bring the alphabet to the beach. Use the alphabet sand molds to practice letters or build names and words in the sand.

Sand Buckets

What trip to the beach is complete without a sand bucket? Your toddler can use these fun buckets to fill with sand, water, or shells at the beach. Most of them come with extra sand toys and tools, as well.

This set includes a unique bucket with a lid and spout. Along with the shovel, your toddler will enjoy playing with a rake, watering can, car, several sand molds, and even a pinwheel. The toys come in a bag that includes a mesh panel to let the sand out after you are finished playing, making it an extra portable beach toy for toddlers.

CubicFun Beach Toys Set

This set comes with especially durable sand toys. The shovel, bucket, rake, and animal molds are made of extra-thick plastic and are just the right size for young toddlers.

Eco Beach Toy Set

For an environmentally-friendly choice, try this set of biodegradable beach toys made from natural bamboo. This minimalist beach toy set includes a bucket, shovel, and two other tools for endless fun in the sand. The non-plastic material is thick, making it a durable beach toy, and it is easily packable since it comes with its own mesh bag.

Melissa & Doug Nesting Pails

These sand pails by Melissa & Doug nest within one another for easy storage. Each has a numeral on the outside and the corresponding number of sea creature sand molds built in.

Foldable Buckets

A fellow mom recommends bringing foldable buckets. They are perfect packable beach toys if you flying or just want to save space. When they are not in use, you can fold these buckets down to only about one inch flat. When you are at the beach, open them up to fill them with sand or water.

Beach Basics Sand Toy Set

This inexpensive option includes a pail, shovel, rake, and sand sifter. With their bold colors and durable quality, these beach toys are ideal for toddlers.

B. Toys Wagon with Beach Toys for Toddlers

How about a sand bucket that comes with a durable toddler-sized wagon? Your toddler will be able to pull the beach toys along while you tote everything else to the beach. Aside from the bucket and wagon, you will get nine other colorful sand toys and tools.

Imaginative Sand Toys for Toddlers

These beach toys for toddlers offer unique twists that will encourage your child to engage in imaginative play in the sand.

This awesome Melissa & Doug set comes with a baking tray, rolling pin, dishes, spatula, sprinkle shaker, and cookie cutters for a super fun sand baking experience. It also comes with its own mesh bag for storage.

Mixing Bowl

We have this Melissa & Doug mixing bowl set at home, and it is just adorable. Kids can pretend to bake with their sand using the mixing bowl, sand-sifting lid, whisk, mixing spoon, and measuring cups.

Sand Cupcake Set

In addition to or instead of the cookie set, try this durable sand cupcake baking set. Your toddler can pack sand into the handy hinged cupcake molds and bake them in the cupcake pan. Next, top the cupcakes with fun sea-themed toppers or pretend to ice them. Toddlers might enjoy further decorating their creations with seashells or stones from the beach.

Ice Cream Scooping Set

Recommended to me by another mom, this sand toy gives toddlers everything they need to set up an ice cream shop on the beach. Your toddler can use the sand scoops and molds to create ice cream cones and cupcakes. It also comes with a bucket that has a cover designed to hold the cones.

Dinosaur Sand Glove

This sand toy in the shape of a big dinosaur skull offers lots of fun ways to play pretend at the beach. Your toddler can operate the glove by opening and closing it like a puppet. Bury it in the sand and uncover it like excavators, pick items up from the beach with the big mouth, dig in the sand, or just have fun pretending to be a dinosaur.

Dump Truck Beach Toys

If you are looking specifically for a dump truck beach toy for your toddler, here are some wonderful options for little hands. Your toddler will have a blast transporting sand and water around with these dump truck beach toys.

This 15″ dump truck is great for 18-month-olds and older. Not only do you get a sturdy, bright-colored dump truck made for the beach, but it also comes with sand molds and tools for some extra fun.

Green Toys Dump Truck

The Green Toys dump truck, made from recycled plastic, is loved by parents and kids alike. It is extremely durable and made to easily drive over the sand. It also comes in pink if your little one prefers!

Haba Sand Play Dump Truck

The built-in handle on this handy dump truck beach toy makes it easy for even younger toddlers to maneuver. It is a durable beach toy that comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Battat Wonder Wheels Dump Truck

This dump truck is the perfect size for 1-year-olds and older, but can withstand the rough and tumble play of a toddler – even at the beach!

Fun Beach Toys for Toddlers

Aside from playing in the sand, these toys for toddlers offer other ways to have fun on your trip to the beach.

The award-winning Ollyball was designed for safe, fun play indoors or outdoors – such as at the beach! It is incredibly light and waterproof, and your toddler can even color it before you take it for a spin. When beach season is over, this ball can be played with inside without fear of injuries or broken windows!


Picture fresh air, a warm breeze, and a rainbow-colored kite flying through the air overhead. Bring this huge, easy-to-launch kite to the beach and delight your toddler with a beautiful aerial show. It has a kid-friendly handle and is recommended for ages 3 and up, so your toddler may even be able to fly it alone!


Your toddler can keep a close eye on the seagulls or distant boats with these durable Educational Insights binoculars (Kidnoculars) made for little ones.

Collapsible Bean Bag Toss Game

Your toddler will have fun tossing bean bags on the beach with this double-sided dinosaur- and turtle-themed game. This bean bag game is an easily packable beach toy for toddlers. It collapses down and comes with its own portable tote bag.

Beach Water Toys for Toddlers

Ready to get off the sand and into the water? These beach toys for toddlers are meant for splashing around.

This educational beach toy will help your toddler practice fine motor skills while playing in the water at the beach. Your toddler will build hand strength and develop coordination by squeezing, scooping, and spinning. These toys also work in the sand.

Green Toys Oceanbound Tide Pool Set

These durable beach toys are made from recycled plastic, making them another eco-friendly option. Use each of the six ocean-themed pieces to pour water or sand in a unique way. When you are done playing, scoop these packable beach toys up into their storage tote, which is made from recycled bags.

Water Blasters

These water blasters are designed for the whole family, including the little ones! I like the fact that they are not in the shape of guns, but they still have the same effect as a water gun. The set comes with four water blasters, each featuring a fun animal shape. Your toddler can fill these up with water and spray up to 35 feet. (Parents beware!)

Funnel and Wheel Set 

Your toddler can pour water through from the seashell cup into the funnel and down through the spinning windmills. This set can also be used with sand, and it comes with sand molds, sand tools, and a little boat. When you’re back at home and have cleaned it up, try pouring rice through or using it in the bathtub.

Surfer Dudes Wave Powered Mini-Surfer

This fun toy comes recommended by a fellow mom and will offer amusement for the whole family. Toss the little surfer into the waves from the shore and watch as it automatically surfs back to you! See how this beloved toy works in the video below.

Waterproof Beach Blanket and Kiddie Pool 

Another mom recommended setting up a kiddie pool at the beach and filling it with water and toys to keep your toddler occupied. However, it might be inconvenient to carry a plastic kiddie pool to the beach or blow up an inflatable one. Enter this genius waterproof beach blanket and kiddie pool. It is an easily packable beach toy, coming in its own portable waterproof bag. Use it as a beach blanket, and then carry water inside the bag from the ocean to convert it into a small kiddie pool!

Once you have picked out your toys, you may also want to grab a big mesh beach toy bag to carry all your toys to and from the beach. Or, as another mom recommends, bring smaller mesh bags for your kids to carry their own toys. 

Have a wonderful trip to the beach!

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