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30 Can’t-Miss Construction Toys for 3-Year-Olds

These construction toys are perfect for the 3-year-old who is fascinated by construction workers, vehicles, and tools. Whether your 3-year-old is into pretending to build, pushing around vehicles, making art, or doing puzzles, this list will help you find the ultimate gift for your construction-obsessed toddler.

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Ride-On Construction Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Your 3-year-old will have a blast zooming around and pretending to dig in these battery-powered and manual ride-on construction vehicles.

Ride-On Dump Truck

This battery-powered ride-on dump truck comes with a remote control so that parents can steer 3-year-olds around from a distance. Your toddler and a friend can fill the bucket with toys or treasures and drive them around while listening to music. Bonus: Reviewers rave about the long battery life!

Bulldozer Ride-On Toy

Your 3-year-old will love the zero-turn radius on this rechargeable CAT bulldozer by Kid Trax. Toddlers can listen to fun motor and construction site sound effects as they pick up pretend boulders and drive around the yard.

Ride-On Excavator

Bringing this rolling ride-on excavator to the beach or sandbox might just keep your 3-year-old occupied for hours. Parents love that it is durable, easy to put together, and simple for toddlers to maneuver on their own. It also does not require batteries!

Tool Sets for Toddlers

If your 3-year-old enjoys pretending to build with tools, consider these tool sets as a construction gift. Your toddler can tote these tools around in a box or on a belt and pretend to do construction around the house.

Hape Wooden Tool Box

This bright wooden tool box by Hape comes with everything your construction-loving toddler needs. The 14 pieces include several tools along with plastic bolts, nuts, and nails your child can fasten in a variety of openings. The wooden tool box features the perfect handle for your 3-year-old to carry around the house.

Green Toys Pink Tool Set

If your 3-year-old prefers shades of pink and purple, this Green Toys tool set is the perfect construction gift. The box and tools are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are also dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

Black & Decker Tool Belt

The 3-year-old who prefers to wear tools will love this Black & Decker tool set. Your toddler will match his or her favorite grownup handyperson with this fabric tool belt and realistic set of tools, including safety goggles.

Toy Tool Benches

Invest in a toy tool bench and give our 3-year-old a proper place to perform their important construction work at home. Each comes with tools and storage space, and some even provide projects for your toddler to build.

Step2 Big Builders Pro Workshop

From trusted brand Step2 comes the Big Builders Pro Workshop. This set comes with plenty of tools, including a working drill, tons of storage, and a kit to build a birdhouse that your 3-year-old can paint with water!

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Workbench

This realistic solid wood workbench by Melissa & Doug will make your 3-year-old feel like a real construction worker. The set comes with five tools, including a functioning vice, along with a tool rack and parts to construct five vehicles and a robot.

Little Tikes Tough Workshop

If you’re in the market for a smaller, budget-friendly workbench, look no further than the Little Tikes Tough Workshop. This set comes with 11 tools, a storage cabinet, and a handy peg board to hang tools. The saw even performs realistic cutting!

Remote Control Construction Toys

Easy-to-use remote-controlled construction toys are perfect for 3-year-olds and sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Remote Control Excavator

Your toddler will have “loads” of fun digging, moving, and dumping with this sturdy remote control excavator. The excavator features 360 track rotation and working headlights, and it even comes with two rechargeable batteries to keep the fun rolling!

Remote Control Take-Apart Construction Truck

Help your little engineer actually build this construction truck before driving it around with a remote control! This take-apart truck can be converted into a dump truck, crane, or cement mixer. Although rated for ages 3 and up, this toy will probably require adult assistance for younger kids.

CAT Remote Control Construction Vehicles

These friendly-faced construction vehicles by CAT use a simple two-button remote control that’s perfect for your 3-year-old. The remote control even attaches to the vehicle for easy storage! Choose from a loader or dump truck, each featuring real headlights. Reviewers warn fellow parents to stock up on batteries for this toy.

Construction Vehicles for Toddlers

Beep beep! Your 3-year-old’s construction vehicles are coming through! These three construction vehicle sets are sturdy, fun options for your toddler.

Construction Trucks with Transport Vehicle

Your 3-year-old will light up at first sight of this construction vehicle set. A large construction vehicle, which will move with the push of a button, acts as a carrier for four smaller vehicles. Toddlers will love pushing around the dump truck, cement mixer, excavator, and crane.

Green Toys Construction Vehicles

This three-pack of construction vehicles by Green Toys are all made of kid-safe recycled plastic. The set includes a front loader, mixer, and dumper, all with moveable parts.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Construction Site Vehicles

Melissa & Doug Wooden Construction Site Vehicles With Wooden Storage

This Melissa & Doug construction vehicle set is made of wood with a few plastic parts. Your 3-year-old can engage in hours of open-ended fun with eight construction vehicles painted in bright, bold colors. These are perfect to play with alongside wooden building blocks.

Bonus: Grab a construction floor mat so your 3-year-old has a special place to drive his or her vehicles around.

Construction Puzzles

These construction-themed puzzles are the perfect gifts for 3-year-olds who are obsessed with building sites. Each is high-quality with large pieces and bright, engaging pictures.

Petit Collage Floor Puzzle

This 24-piece floor puzzle by Petit Collage features cartoon animals driving a variety of construction vehicles around a building site. It is made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks, and it comes in a keepsake box with a handy handle.

Mudpuppy Jumbo Construction Puzzle

Count on Mudpuppy for a sturdy, virtually indestructible puzzle. This one features a parade of fun construction vehicles on 25 jumbo-sized pieces.

Melissa & Doug Construction Puzzle

This Melissa & Doug floor puzzle is huge! A full 48 extra-thick, large pieces combine to produce a bright, realistic 2×3 construction site picture.

Construction-Themed Art Toys

Get your 3-year-old’s creative juices flowing with these construction-themed art toys.

Melissa & Doug Vehicle Stamps

Kids can create so many fun scenes with a good set of stamps. This rubber stamp set from Melissa & Doug contains not only six construction vehicles, but also emergency rescue vehicles, train cars, and community vehicles. The included ink pad only features two colors, so you might want to buy this rainbow ink pad to add variety.

Wonder Wow! Resuable Painting Book

When kids paint Wonder Wow! books with water, the pictures come alive with colors. Let the books dry, and they can be used again and again! This vehicles Wonder Wow! book features a construction site.

Dot Marker Construction Site Book

If your 3-year-old enjoys dot markers, this engaging and educational construction dot marker book is a must. It features large pictures of construction vehicles along with letters of the alphabet. Be sure to grab a pack of Do-a-Dot markers if you do not already have some.

Construction-Themed Building Toys

Is your construction-loving 3-year-old also a little engineer? These toys are designed to allow toddlers to build while enjoying their favorite construction site vehicles and scenes.

Read this list of the best building toys for 3-year-olds for more awesome ideas!

Construction Race Track

With this set, your 3-year-old can design a race track for the included vehicles: haul truck, excavator, road roller, cement truck, and 2 racing cars. The flexible track and bridges offers endless options for your little egineer’s designs.

LEGO DUPLO Building Site Toy

This construction-themed LEGO DUPLO set includes 20 pieces and is perfect for ages 2 and up. Your toddler can build two push-along construction vehicles and engage in pretend play with the included construction worker figures and boulder.

Magna-Tiles Builder Set

With this clever set of magnetic tiles, your 3-year-old can build construction vehicles and a road. Then, use the magnetic cranes on the vehicles to build buildings! Watch it in action below.

More Construction Toys & Gifts

These six final construction-themed toys and gift ideas sure to delight your 3-year-old.

Kinetic Sand Construction Site

What’s not to love about this Kinetic Sand construction site set? Your 3-year-old can dig, build, and demolish using the included vehicles and molds. When playtime is done, fold the sandbox up with everything inside, making storage a cinch!

Vehicles Reusable Sticker Pad

Reusable sticker pads allow kids to engage in pretend play by moving stickers around a scene. This jumbo-sized vehicle-themed pad from Melissa & Doug includes a construction site scene, along with four other scenes your 3-year-old will probably love as well: airport, train tracks, harbor, and roadway.

Construction Worker Role Play Costume

Your 3-year-old will look like a real construction worker in this role play costume from Melissa & Doug. Durable and high-quality, this set includes a vest, hammer, goggles, and a tool belt with saw and hammer.

Magnetic Construction Site Play Scene

Put your 3-year-old’s imagination to work with this magnetic play scene. This perfect travel toy contains 40 sturdy magnets that can be moved around two different construction site scenes that prop up like an easel.

Construction Memory Game

Test your toddler’s memory with this construction-themed game from Petit Collage. Each of the 24 cards includes a bright illustration of an animal in a construction vehickle. Will your 3-year-old be able to find the matches?

Construction Site Playset

This construction site playset is so engaging! Your 3-year-old can raise the included die cast vehicles up with the lift, race them down the spiral ramp, load boulders with the crane, or swing the wrecking ball. With lights and sounds to boot, this toy will be a huge hit with any fan of construction sites.

Many of these are open-ended toys! Learn about open-ended toys and find more for your kids: Open-Ended Toys: 23 Ideas for a Minimalist Toy Collection

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