This Daniel Tiger trolley is a popular Daniel Tiger toy for toddlers.

Daniel Tiger has been a beloved character in our house ever since the first of my five kids was old enough to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We are big fans of the catchy (and useful) tunes, realistic stories, and important life lessons taught in the spirit of Mr. Rogers. I have compiled below a list of top-rated Daniel Tiger gifts for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life.

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Daniel Tiger Toys

These Daniel Tiger toys will bring the magic of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to life through imaginative play and games.

“Welcome to Main Street” is a board game based on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Players move their Daniel Tiger character pieces through the neighborhood, collecting gifts as they go. There is some strategy involved for older players, and the game allows children to practice simple counting. Part of the game process involves players giving gifts to one another and saying “thank you,” reinforcing the concepts of collaboration and manners. This Daniel Tiger game is rated for ages 3 and up.

Colorforms Travel Set

Colorforms are reusable stickers that children can cling to windows or scene boards. Your child can engage in imaginative play, creating scenes or telling stories with Daniel Tiger and his friends. The Daniel Tiger Colorforms travel set includes a double-sided foldout board displaying a stage scene on one side and a playground scene on the other. This is a wonderful toy for travel! I have an entire post on reusable stickers if you would like to explore similar toys for your toddler or preschooler.

Daniel Tiger Clock Puzzle Shape Sorting Game

With this colorful wooden Daniel Tiger shape sorting game, your toddler can practice numbers and time-telling while solving a puzzle! I like how large the pieces are – perfect for toddler hands and easy to keep track of.

Daniel Tiger Singalong Toy

This unique Daniel Tiger toy is like a karaoke machine, perfect for a music-loving child. The toy plays four Daniel Tiger songs: the theme song, “It’s You I Like,” “My Name is Daniel Tiger,” and the song that plays at the end of each episode. Aside from playing the songs, the toy includes a real working microphone, allows kids to record their own voices, and can be hooked up to a phone or iPod to stream other music.

See this awesome Daniel Tiger toy in action below.

Color Wonder Daniel Tiger Coloring Pages

If your child loves to color, grab these Color Wonder Daniel Tiger Coloring pages and enjoy mess-free art time. Using the included marker, fill in the images and see the colors magically appear. This set includes 18 awesome coloring pages, featuring Daniel and his neighborhood friends.

Daniel Tiger Trolley Pop-Up Tent

This Daniel Tiger Trolley tent pops up to create a fun hideout or prop for imaginative play. Favorite friends from around Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are pictured around the outside of the tent as though they are riding along. Kids can draw down the curtain at the entrance or roll it up and leave it open. When playtime is over, you can fold it back into the storage bag.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Musical Instruments

Give your toddler the gift of music with these Daniel Tiger instruments! The set includes a drum, two maracas, a trumpet, and a tambourine.

Daniel Tiger Magna-Tiles

The popular magnetic blocks, Magna Tiles, now come with Daniel Tiger themes. Learn, play, and build with your choice of set: bedtime, feelings, or trolley.

Read a complete list of STEM toys for toddlers and building toys for 3-year-olds.

Daniel Tiger Vehicles

This Daniel Tiger Neighborhood Trolley is a simple battery-free pullback toy. Kids can pull the trolley back on a hard surface and watch as it zooms and dings away. It comes with a Daniel Tiger figure, which can be placed on a peg inside the trolley to ride along. There are three other pegs, as well, if you add other Daniel Tiger figures to your collection. This trolley has stood the test of time in our home.

Daniel Tiger Trolley: Deluxe Electronic Version

For more bells and whistles, try the electronic Daniel Tiger trolley. This trolley comes with Mom Tiger and Daniel Tiger figures. It also includes a changeable crosswalk sign, and a little stop sign and crossing guard uniform to dress Daniel in. Press a button to move the trolley forward. In addition, it lights up and plays sounds, songs, and phrases.

Daniel Tiger Pull-Back Vehicles Set

For the kid who likes cars and things that zoom, this two-pack of Daniel Tiger vehicles is sure to be a hit. The set includes Daniel driving his Tigertastic Car – one of his special toys – and an airplane. These are pull-back cars, so no batteries are necessary.

Daniel Tiger Figures

Your toddler will love playing make-believe with small Daniel Tiger figures. The sets below include holes in the bottoms so that they can be placed on the pegs inside the trolley toys. These toys also work well in dollhouses or Little People toys your children may already have at home.

This Amazon Exclusive set of Daniel Tiger figures includes the whole Tiger Family, all five friends, and Tigey and Pandy (Daniel and Margaret’s stuffies). This is sure to delight your Daniel Tiger fan and lead to hours of pretend play.

Daniel Tiger and his Neighborhood Friends

This set includes Daniel Tiger, Miss Elaina, Prince Wednesday, O the Owl, and Katerina Kittycat. These figures have moveable arms and heads.

Tiger Family Set

In this set, you will receive Dad Tiger, Mom Tiger, Daniel, and his baby sister Margaret. There is even a figure for Daniel’s favorite stuffed pal, Tigey the Adventure Tiger.

Potty Time Daniel Tiger Figure

We’ve been singing this for years: “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!” This Daniel Tiger toy is a perfect potty training aid. Bring Daniel to his own potty, which plays the “potty song” and makes a real flushing sound. The large Daniel Tiger figure, clad in a removable sweater and shoes, makes a wonderful toy on its own. You may want to get a potty-themed Daniel Tiger book to go along with it.

Bath Time Daniel Tiger Figure

Using the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Bath Time Daniel Tiger toy, your child can pretend to bathe Daniel in his own little bathtub. Daniel comes dressed in a hooded robe and Tigey slippers, which are removable. Aside from the tub, the set includes a toy boat and real working octopus squirter.

Daniel Tiger Books

There are so many great Daniel Tiger books available. I have selected five that are top choices because of their unique features or rave reviews. You can find many more on Amazon.

This portable interactive storybook set will read Daniel Tiger stories to your child! The eleven included books feature favorite Daniel Tiger stories, including Daniel going to school or meeting Baby Margaret, as well as a songbook.

Daniel Tiger Trolley Book with Wheels

We have this book, “A Ride through the Neighborhood,” and it’s a wonderful choice because it includes so many favorite characters and doubles as a Daniel Tiger toy. Your toddler can join Daniel on a trolley ride around the neighborhood and push the book around on its real moving wheels. Ding ding!

Let’s Learn in My Neighborhood

This Daniel Tiger book is full of critical thinking questions, along with pull-tabs with pictures kids are asked to find on the pages. Your child will love seeing the sights and sounds of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood while learning and having fun. This interactive book is sure to become a favorite.

Daniel Tiger’s 5-Minute Stories

This treasury of Daniel Tiger stories offers twelve options for a quick midday read or bedtime story. Each of the stories is from an actual Daniel Tiger episode, including favorites such as Daniel’s first day of school, Daniel’s bedtime routine, and when his new baby sister is born. Your child will be drawn into the engaging illustrations that accompany each story.

My First 100 Neighborhood Words

Younger children can work on naming objects with this popular Daniel Tiger book. Visit places around the neighborhood – such as Daniel Tiger’s house, the school, the bakery, the music shop, the doctor’s office, and the Enchanted Garden. Each page displays vocabulary words with corresponding pictures that belong in that special place.

Daniel’s Marching Band

This wonderfully interactive Daniel Tiger book allows children to participate in a marching band. Press buttons to play musical instruments, and also lift flaps on the board book pages to reveal hidden pictures.

See a full list of interactive books for toddlers.

Daniel Tiger Stuffed Animals

Your child will love carrying Daniel Tiger and his friends around in the form of soft, cuddly stuffed animals.

This 12-inch Daniel Tiger stuffed animal is a wonderful size for kids to hold and soft enough to squeeze. When you press his paw, he says phrases or you might hear a snippet of the “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” theme song. A similar Baby Margaret plush is also available.

Crocheted Daniel Tiger Tigey

If your child would like his very own Tigey the Adventurer Tiger to carry around, check out this sweet handmade stuffed Tigey. Modeled after Daniel’s favorite stuffie and made just for you, this crocheted Tigey has received glowing reviews on Etsy.

Daniel Tiger Snuggle and Glow

Add Daniel Tiger to your bedtime routine with the Snuggle and Glow Daniel Tiger stuffed animal. A 10-inch plush Daniel comes dressed in his favorite trolley pajamas and carrying a Tigey that glows. When you squeeze Daniel’s paw, he says bedtime phrases, and you can also hear Mom Tiger singing the beloved “Goodnight, Daniel” lullaby.

Mini Plush Daniel Tiger and Friends

Daniel and his friends are available as small stuffed animals for your child to collect. The following 7-inch plush Daniel Tiger toys are included in this set:

  • Daniel Tiger
  • Miss Elaina
  • Katerina Kittycat
  • Prince Wednesday
  • O the Owl

You can also find them sold separately.

Practical Daniel Tiger Gifts

If you are looking for a Daniel Tiger gift that is a little more practical, these non-toy Daniel Tiger gifts are just what you need.

Daniel Tiger Towels and Robes

Whether at the pool or the beach, your child will love wrapping up in this soft Daniel Tiger beach towel. Daniel Tiger, O the Owl, and Katerina Kittycat wave hello against a blue striped background with puffy white clouds. Best of all, it has a Daniel Tiger hood with ears!

Hooded Bath Towel

Wrap your child in an adorable, soft Daniel Tiger towel after bathtime. The hood looks like Daniel Tiger’s head, and for a special touch, you can have the bath towel personalized with your child’s name on it.

Hooded Robe

This cute, snuggly robe is perfect for wearing after the bath or as a coverup after getting out of the pool. The robe resembles Daniel Tiger’s red sweater, and its hood looks like Daniel Tiger’s face with ears that stick up and stitched features. There is an applique of Daniel Tiger carrying Tigey on the front of the robe.

Bedtime Daniel Tiger Gifts

Your toddler will be excited for naptime with this Daniel tiger nap mat. It features a picture of Daniel Tiger as a superhero and includes a built-in pillow and blanket. This would be great to send to daycare!

Daniel Tiger Pillow

This square Daniel Tiger throw pillow would make the perfect addition to any toddler’s bed. As a bonus, you can have it personalized with your toddler’s name.

Personalized Daniel Tiger Blanket

This soft blanket features a picture of Daniel Tiger giving a friendly wave. Your toddler’s name can be added at the bottom in large white letters, giving your gift a personal touch.

Daniel Tiger Bedding

Deck your child’s bed out in Daniel Tiger sheets. Choose between this toddler bed set or this twin bedding set with a “goodnight” theme.

More Practical Daniel Tiger Gifts

For a wonderfully practical Daniel Tiger gift, give your toddler this five-piece mealtime feeding set. It comes with a plate, bowl, fork, spoon, and cup, perfectly sized for little ones. Each piece is adorned with pictures of Daniel Tiger and his friends.

Lunch Bag

Choose from your favorite style of Daniel Tiger lunch bag. Each features a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood picture. Use it to pack up your lunch or snacks or store your favorite Daniel Tiger figures inside!

Daniel Tiger Hair Bow

Whether for her birthday party or just for fun, your little girl will be so excited to accessorize with a Daniel Tiger hair bow. A hair bow would also make a lovely decoration for the outside of a gift package.

Christmas Ornament

Commemorate the year your little one loved Daniel Tiger with a Christmas ornament. This Super Daniel ornament includes the option to personalize with your child’s name.

Hopefully, you have found the most “tiger-tastic” gift for the Daniel Tiger fan on your list!

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