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30 Sturdy Fall Books for Toddlers to Celebrate Autumn

As the days grow cooler and shorter, the leaves start to change, and we put away shorts and t-shirts in favor of jeans and sweaters, you might want to engage your toddler in the fun and beauty of the fall season! These 30 fall books for toddlers celebrate all aspects of fall, and they each come in board book options to stand up to your toddler’s love.

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Interactive Fall Books for Toddlers

These interactive fall books for toddlers will engage their senses as well as their imaginations. Lift flaps, be delighted by pop-ups, and touch and feel different textures throughout these wonderful fall board books.

This book by Janet Lawler is full of vivid and complex pop-up scenes that your toddler can interact with through flaps and slides. Make a frog hop, change the leaves’ colors, and peer into the hollow of a tree where squirrels are eating acorns. Some of the flaps reveal more advanced scientific tidbits about nature, so this book will grow with your child. In my experience, I would not recommend leaving this type of book alone with your toddler – while the pages may be sturdy, the pop-ups and flaps are easy to rip! – but this book is perfect for reading together.

I love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book invites your child to experience different textures. While following a young girl on her fall adventures, your toddler can pat a smooth pumpkin or rub a scratchy scarf. This fall book for toddlers is full of iconic fall scenes, such as baking with pumpkins and apples and jumping in a pile of colorful leaves.

Autumn in the Forest Lift-a-Flap Surprise by Rusty Finch is made just for toddlers with its extra-strong flaps and sturdy pages. Follow a friendly chipmunk as it scampers through an autumn forest, gathering nuts for the winter. Along the way, encounter interactive flaps and pop-ups that will keep your toddler engaged in this fall book. This book is part of a series that covers all four seasons, so if you like this one, be sure to grab the books for winter, spring, and summer as well.

Autumn: A Pop-Up Book by David Carter travels through various autumn landscapes, featuring rivers, fields, and trees. Each page features a large engaging pop-up. The author labels geographical features, animals, and plants, throughout the book, making this an educational fall book for your toddler. This, too, is part of a series about the four seasons.

Touch and Feel Fall is a simple fall book for toddlers that displays a colorful autumn-themed image and a corresponding word or phrase on each page. The images include such fall favorites as a pinecone, falling leaves, and apples. Each page offers babies and toddlers the opportunity to touch and explore a different texture.

Books about Apples for Toddlers

These board books celebrate one of the most iconic symbols of fall – apples! From the growing process to apple-picking to eating delicious apple treats, these books about apples will be perfect additions to your collection of fall books for toddlers.

How Do Apples Grow? is part of Jill McDonald’s Hello, World! series, which introduces young children to scientific concepts, nature, and culture. This board book takes children on the journey from a tiny apple seed to a blossoming apple tree all the way to delicious apple treats on the table. The narrative is perfect for toddlers, but there are also added bonuses, such as an opportunity to count apple seeds, read the labeled parts of an apple, or see the stages of an apple’s growth from flower to fruit.

Eat ’em Ups™ Apples is an apple-shaped board book by Gail Tuchman. The rhyming, rhythmic story takes your toddler on an apple-picking adventure with a group of friends. This book teaches readers about the different varieties of apples and the foods that can be made with them. Eat ’em Ups™ books about bananas, oranges, and pears are also available.

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington features an entrepreneur who grows and sells her own apples. Each colorfully illustrated spread is full of detail and opportunities for learning. Look at the different colored apples, sorted into bins. Talk about the various foods that can be made with apples, and what processes might be used to make them. Perhaps your toddler will be inspired by Annie to own a business one day!

Daniel’s Apple-Picking Adventure: A Scratch-&-Sniff Book adapted by Maggie Testa is based on a fruit-picking episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. In this rendition, Daniel meets his friends for an apple-picking day that ends in a delicious feast. Daniel is frustrated when he is not big enough to reach the apples, but he learns that “everyone is big enough to do something.” Toddlers who love Daniel Tiger are sure to treasure this fall book – especially because the pages smell like the scents of autumn.

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Board Books about Pumpkins

What is fall without pumpkins? In these board books, characters hunt for pumpkins or decorate them for Halloween. In one story, the pumpkin is even the main character!

The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin by Sonali Fry is a rhyming book that can be read to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” The little jack-o-lantern rolls along on an adventure, passing Halloween creatures and bouncing through a cornfield. He is finally helped home by a friendly witch. Your toddler will love the playful illustrations in this board book, and will hopefully learn to sing the story along with you.

It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff features the beloved mouse from the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. You and your toddler can talk about the emotions depicted by the faces Mouse paints on his pumpkins. Ask your toddler to show a face that looks like each pumpkin! You might get a laugh out of your toddler’s “silly” or “surprised” face. You can also count Mouse’s seven pumpkins out loud.

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch by Alyssa Satin Capucilli follows Biscuit the puppy to a pumpkin patch. He helps choose a pumpkin, which will become a jack-o-lantern and then pumpkin pie! Toddlers enjoy this simple pumpkin-themed story, full of fun animal noises to make together.

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills tells the story of Duck and Goose who set off to find a pumpkin of their own. The trouble? They do not know where to look! The oversized board book, illustrated in beautiful autumn hues, brings in a variety of fall themes, including an apple tree and a colorful pile of leaves.

Halloween Board Books

One of the most fun parts of fall for many kids is celebrating Halloween. In these board books, your toddler will encounter lots of friendly Halloween creatures and hopefully get excited for their own Halloween adventures to come.

Room on the Broom is one of my personal favorite books to read at Halloween (or any time!), and I love that it is available as a board book for little ones. We were introduced to this story when we stumbled across the short film one Halloween night, and it is a true treasure. Julia Donaldson tells this endearing story through enchanting rhythms, clever rhymes, and repeated phrases. Room on the Broom teaches children about the importance of being a kind, selfless friend, and this book is sure to be a favorite of your child for many years.

You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie by Natalie Marshall is a Halloween-themed love poem for your toddler. The author offers sweet metaphors, such as your little one being a pumpkin pie who makes your life sweet or a black cat who is a good luck charm. This is a wonderful book to read at bedtime because it closes with a sleepy little bat closing its eyes.

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween by Alice Schertle is a wonderful addition to the Little Blue Truck series. This story, told with the same clever rhymes we have come to love from this book series, follows Little Blue on a Halloween drive. He passes lots of costumed animals along the way, and guess what? Your toddler gets to lift flaps to see who is inside! Toddlers will enjoy the animal noises and repeated phrases, which make it easy for them to participate in the reading.

Spooky, Spooky Little Bat is a great interactive Halloween book for toddlers. Make the friendly bat finger puppet “fly” as you read the story to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” This book is brimming with colorful, engaging Halloween imagery to get your toddler excited for trick-or-treating.

Hoot Howl Halloween will delight your toddler because it is a book with sounds. My kids have so much fun with these kinds of books! As your toddler follows along with the Halloween story, he or she can push ten buttons to add fun sounds to the storytelling. Make a witch cackle, a cauldron bubble, a werewolf howl, and more. The picture buttons are in order of the story, making the experience especially easy for toddlers.

Peek-a-Flap Boo by Rosa Von Feder is an educational board book about Halloween. The author engages children not only through the sturdy flaps to lift, but also with labeled items, Halloween-related tidbits of information, and prompts throughout the pages.

Toddler Books about Thanksgiving

Late in fall, we gather with loved ones for Thanksgiving. These fall books will introduce your toddler to Thanksgiving traditions and help them think about what they are thankful for in their own lives.

Where Is Baby’s Turkey? is one of Karen Katz’s interactive lift-the-flap books for babies and toddlers. Baby, decked out in a pilgrim hat, is looking for a turkey. As she checks various hiding spots, she finds other fall and Thanksgiving items such as a bushel of apples behind the gate and Thanksgiving fixings in the fridge. Your toddler will love lifting the flaps and “reading” the simple story along with you.

The First Thanksgiving by Nancy Davis introduces toddlers to the origins of our Thanksgiving holiday. They will see the pilgrims sailing to America on the Mayflower, the Native Americans teaching them, and the first Thanksgiving celebration. Toddlers will enjoy exploring the variety of flaps throughout this engaging book.

Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George is a wonderful board book to prime your toddler for Thanksgiving festivities. Join George as he attends a parade, makes crafts, sets the table for Thanksgiving dinner, helps in the kitchen, and tries to balance the food as he carries it into the kitchen. The rhyming book ends with a group giving thanks around a table. The board book includes handy tabs to help toddlers find their favorite pages.

A Very Thankful Prayer by Bonnie Rickner Jensen is a sweet rhyming book about thanking God for all the blessings that fall brings. Although I have included it in the Thanksgiving category because it is about being grateful and depicts a Thanksgiving gathering in one section, it is really a book that celebrates all aspects of autumn, from apple picking to pumpkins to the falling leaves. It also encourages children to be kind and giving, as well as to be thankful for God’s love.

I Love to Gobble You Up by Sandra Magsamen is a sweet and simple book suited to young toddlers. The turkey feathers sticking from the top of the book are made of a soft felt material, adding a nice sensory experience for your toddler. The book is short but gives you lots of excuses to kiss, cuddle, and pretend to gobble up your little one as you read. I picture lots of giggles ahead!

Other Fabulous Fall Books for Toddlers

Finally, these fall books for toddlers capture the essence of fall, including the changing leaves, animals preparing for the winter, and the harvest.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein tells the sweet story of a little bear cub experiencing his first fall. At first, he wonders why the leaves are falling from the trees. Are they all right? But after a while, he grows sleepy and uses the leaves to make a bed where he sleeps until springtime comes. This book about leaves gently introduces toddlers to the idea of bear hibernation and the cycle of the seasons, through simple sentences and engaging illustrations.

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson follows two little mice as they venture out to play in the fall leaves. The book’s lilting phrases are full of onomatopoeia and alliteration. Your toddler will engage with descriptive words such as pointy and smooth, as well as count up to three and name some colors. This book may inspire your toddler to run through a pile of leaves as soon as you are done reading!

The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri tells the story of a squirrel who is so busy collecting food for winter that he cannot stop to spend time with any of his animal friends. You and your toddler will have fun pointing out all the different types of food squirrel is collecting and making animal noises together. Your toddler will surely chant along, “He was so busy!” as you read this phrase throughout the book.

Autumn by Gerda Muller is a picture book that has no words. This classic board book is full of beautiful fall scenes that you and your toddler can look at together. Make up your own stories, ask questions, name objects in the pictures, or describe what you see. The absence of words can lead to wonderful creativity.

Fall Is Here! by Fhiona Galloway is perfect for toddlers who love furry friends. Follow a dog and cat as they explore everything there is to love about fall, from scarecrows to acorns to Halloween. The simplicity of this book makes it an especially good choice for younger toddlers.

In the Middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes is full of enchanting depictions of autumntime. In the middle of fall, the air is chilly, and we see apples, pumpkins, and busy squirrels. The wind whips the colorful leaves through the air and to the ground until the trees are bare and winter is on its way. This board book provides a simple but beautiful introduction to the loveliness of fall and the changing seasons.

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