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Outdoor playhouses for toddlers can provide hours of entertainment, but you want to make sure to find one that is designed for little ones. I have scoured Amazon and found the best covered playhouses that are fun, safe, and age-appropriate for toddlers. You’ll find options that include exciting features such as kitchens and slides, are made from different materials, and fit in a variety of spaces. Hopefully, you will discover an outdoor playhouse that is exactly right for your toddler!

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1. Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage

The Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage, for ages 18 months and up, is packed with entertaining features to support your toddler’s pretend play. It includes a phone, grill, kitchen sink, countertop, and even a working doorbell. Your toddler will love coming in and out of the Dutch-style door and opening and closing the shutters. Plus, interior decals and an adorable window box make this outdoor playhouse with a kitchen look like a cozy home!

2. Step2 Charming Cottage Plastic Playhouse

If your toddler has siblings or would like to invite friends over, the Charming Cottage is a great size for entertaining! This outdoor playhouse with a kitchen, designed for ages 2 and up, includes a sink and cooking area, built-in outdoor seating, storage shelves, a fireplace, and a working doorbell.

3. Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

The features of this Little Tikes outdoor playhouse are sure to delight your toddler from age 18 months and beyond. Not only is it fully equipped with a sink, cooktop, and phone, but it also uniquely includes a built-in workbench, sand and water table, and mailbox.

4. Step2 Patio Playhouse with Canopy

This outdoor playhouse for toddlers aged 2 and up is covered by a canopy instead of a solid roof. The three counters inside the patio playhouse provide a wealth of entertainment options, including a grill your toddler can open and close, a sand and water table, and an eating area. In addition, the playhouse comes with sixteen playhouse accessories, such as cooking supplies and sand toys. Note that it does not include the pictured pretend food (but you can find some great play food options here.)

5. Little Tikes Backyard Bungalow

Similar to the Step2 Patio Playhouse above, the Little Tikes Backyard Bungalow is covered by a canopy. This canopy, however, is tied back so that your toddler can open or close it. Playtime can take lots of forms in this playhouse for ages 2 and up, which features a kitchen area, a gardening station, and a built-in lemonade stand. It also comes with some fun playhouse accessories, such as gardening tools and cooking supplies.

6. Step2 Adventure Camper Playhouse

For a unique take on your toddler’s outdoor playhouse, try this Step2 Adventure Camper! From 2 years of age and up, kids can enjoy pretending to prepare food in the kitchen or on the grill using over 50 included play food and cooking accessories.

7. Small Outdoor Playhouse

Is it one of your young toddler’s favorite pastimes to open and close things? If so, this small outdoor playhouse will be your toddler’s heaven, with two doors and two sets of shutters to open and close. It also comes with a fun mail slot and a flag holder. Although this playhouse is recommended for ages 2 and up, you might find that its small, simple design works well for toddlers under 2 as well.

8. Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn

The Victorian Inn wooden outdoor playhouse for toddlers aged 2 and up is made from durable cedar and has immeasurable curb appeal. Your toddler can cook dinner for friends in the play kitchen space and enjoy the meal on the built-in bench. The playhouse comes with a telephone, cooking supplies, and a fruit and vegetable basket.

9. Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Wooden Playhouse

The charming Aspen wooden outdoor playhouse, also made from cedar and designed for 2-year-old toddlers and up, features a sink, burner, and an attached bench on the outside. It also includes a bunch of detailed touches, such as curtains, outdoor lanterns, play food, a mailbox, and a dinner bell.

10. Be Mindful Solid Wood Outdoor Playhouse

This is a small, simple wooden outdoor playhouse made out of solid hardwood in the USA and recommended for toddlers aged 2 and up. It includes no plastic pieces or hardware and is completely compostable or recyclable, making it a sustainable choice. The playhouse does not come with bells and whistles, but it is the perfect stage for your toddler’s imagination to take flight.

11. Step2 Clubhouse Climber Playhouse

Investing in this large outdoor playhouse for toddlers will surely result in countless hours of fun. Kids aged 2 and up can cross the bridge, climb through tunnels, hang out in the covered clubhouse, and go down two different slides!

12. Radio Flyer Play Foldable Pirate Ship

If you want a portable outdoor playhouse, check out this pirate ship for ages 2 and up. It includes fun features such as a slide, telescope, steering wheel, and tunnel, but it easily folds flat for storage when not in use! There is also a pink castle version available in the listing.

13. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

The Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse is a small slide climber with a covered roof. From the age of 18 months, your toddler can climb. the ladder, hang out in the covered playhouse with an attached periscope, and then slide down. This is a small outdoor playhouse if you’re looking for an option with a minimal footprint.

14. Simplay3 Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse

The Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse is a small climbing set with lots of fun, exciting features for your toddler (2+). It includes a climbing ramp and ladder, a pretend kitchen, an artboard with clips for paper, and a mail slot. It can also connect with other Simplay3 climbers to create a larger structure.

Don’t forget to stock up on play food for the play kitchens and beach toys for the sand and water tables!

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