The Best Reusable Sticker Books for Toddlers

Reusable stickers are high-value art toys for toddlers. They encourage creative play and help little ones practice their fine motor skills. Many sticker activities and reusable sticker books for toddlers are portable, making them excellent art toys for traveling or when your kids need to patiently wait somewhere. Also, a special bonus for parents – reusable stickers are not as sticky as other stickers, so if they happen to end up on floors, walls, furniture, or clothing, they are easier to get off.

What to Look for in Reusable Stickers for Toddlers

I have scoured Amazon to create you a list of the best reusable sticker books and activities for toddlers. Here are the criteria I used to choose them:

  • They are rated for ages 3 and up. This indicates to me that the images and activities are appropriate for toddlers. Older toddlers and preschoolers may be able to play with the stickers with minimal parental assistance.
  • The reusable sticker books and sets have high play value. Many of these reusable sticker books and activities encourage creative open-ended play through scene creation. Others include such a large variety of activities that they are sure to keep your toddler occupied for a long time.
  • The reusable stickers are easy to peel and do not rip easily. Stickers that tear easily when they are being pulled from their backing can be very frustrating for toddlers and parents alike. These reusable stickers are durable and easy to peel.
  • The stickers are truly reusable. Sometimes stickers that are marketed as “reusable” do not seem to lend themself to more than one or two uses. These reusable stickers are, in fact, reusable.

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Reusable Sticker Books for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad

In a paper-doll-like experience, your toddler will be able to dress the characters in each of five scenes using over 165 different stickers. 

They can mix and match some pieces of the outfits between models, and accessorize to their hearts’ content. Then, they can use their imaginations to make up stories about the scenes.

The scenes included in the dress-up reusable sticker pad include:

  • slumber party,
  • ballet recital,
  • party,
  • fashion show, and
  • wedding

Note that this book is relatively large in size, so it is not as portable as some of the other reusable sticker book options.

I Spy Reusable Sticker Books for Toddlers

The “I Spy” books from the My Little World collection are wonderful reusable sticker books for toddlers. The pages are full of fun and educational activities, such as mazes and hidden picture puzzles, that can be completed over and over again using dry erase markers and reusable stickers. The books also reinforce concepts such as shape and color identification, opposites, recognizing emotions, and counting.

I Spy Learn and Go takes kids to a variety of places, including a beach, market, and theme park.

I Spy On the Farm is full of animals and scenes from around a farm. It teaches colors, counting, opposites, and more.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Scenes

Melissa & Doug creates reusable sticker pads in a wide array of themes and scenes. Truly open-ended toys, these scenes are wonderful for creating tableaus or storytelling. The pads are best for use at home rather than traveling because of their large size. However, you could cut or modify them to make them more portable if you wanted to use them on the go.

Since there are so many to choose from, I have broken them down into categories to help you find what you might be looking for.

Animal Scenes

  • Habitats: Play with animals in their natural habitats, including the desert, farm, jungle, ocean, and even a prehistoric landscape.
  • Jungle & SavannaYour toddler can adventure with wild animals across three continents with jungle, savanna, and outback scenes.
  • Under the Sea: With these colorful underwater scenes, your toddler can create stories involving sea creatures and scuba divers.

Fantasy and Adventure

  • Princess Castle: Your princess-loving toddler can create royal scenes throughout beautiful castle rooms and grounds.
  • FairiesToddlers who enjoy the magic of fairies will love playing with these reusable sticker scenes, including a fairy treehouse, flower garden, and pond.
  • Adventure: These five scenes offer a variety of adventures for your toddler: a pirate ship, medieval castle, journey into space, the Wild West, and under the sea.
  • PrehistoricDiscover worlds past with these five colorful scenes, including a variety of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The scenes are broken up by time period, opening up opportunities for educational play. If your toddler enjoys dinosaurs, check out my list of dinosaur toys for toddlers.

Familiar Places

  • Vehicles: For toddlers who loves boats, trains, and planes, this reusable sticker book will transport them to a bustling construction site, an airport, train tracks, a sunny harbor, and a busy roadway.
  • FarmTeach your child about farm life and how things grow with barnyard scenes and a farmers market.
  • My Town: Your toddler can travel around a city, moving sticker-people through such familiar places as a school, grocery store, restaurant, hospital, and firehouse.
  • Play House!: Not only can toddlers place people into scenes throughout the rooms and yard of a house, but they can also furnish and decorate it.

Tip: You can use a sleeve protector portfolio to store reusable stickers in between uses. They will slide right into the protectors and be kept together scene by scene. You can also cut out the scenes and put them in the portfolio, too, if you want to keep everything together. Alternatively, tape sheet protectors directly into the books and store the stickers inside, next to their scenes.

Giggles and Pebbles Forever Magic Stickers

The top-rated Giggles and Pebbles Forever Magic Stickers book contains three scenes: zoo, farm, and ocean. The scenes are easy to flip because of their convenient spiral binding. The clingy stickers are extremely thick and durable, and there is even a storage area for them within the book.

See this amazing set in action in the video below.

I Can Do That! Sticker Activities Workbook

This reusable sticker book for toddlers provides lots of fun, age-appropriate educational activities your kids will want to do over and over again.

 While playing with this engaging and educational sticker book, toddlers will work on counting, matching, following directions, and more. With 64 game boards and 350 stickers, the I Can Do That! workbook will keep your toddler occupied (and learning!) for a long time.

Colorforms Reusable Sticker Activities for Toddlers

Colorforms have been around since 1951 and are still a well-made, popular choice for reusable stickers for toddlers. Today, they offer a wide array of themed vinyl sticker sets that can be used on included boards or windows.

Some of the highest-rated Colorforms sets are:

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