One-year-old opening gift with mom at first birthday party

There is a special occasion approaching and you need a gift for a one-year-old, but you don’t want to opt for the standard toys, books, and clothes. If you are looking for something a little different, try these unique gifts for one-year-olds. This list includes ideas that are personalized, practical, sentimental, or out-of-the-box. You are sure to find something that will stand out and make your one-year-old’s day!

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1. Personalized Piggy Bank

One-year-olds need a place to store all their birthday money and the loose change they are sure to find on the floor! A piggy bank is a unique gift that you can make even more special by personalizing it with the one-year-old’s name.

2. Portable Booster

Whether at a picnic, a friend’s house, a campground, or on your own living room floor, this portable booster seat is the perfect place for a one-year-old to sit. Not only is it sized perfectly for this age, it folds up and stores easily when not in use. It also comes with a tray and sun shade!

Try this list of chairs your one-year-old will love for even more seating ideas!

3. Trampoline

One-year-olds have energy to spare! They can bounce it out on this trampoline that is just their size. Kids as young as twelve months can jump on the trampoline using the safety rail, and once they are older, you can remove the rail. As an added bonus, it comes with a ball pit and it folds up so that you can easily put it away as needed.

4. Personalized Drink Labels

These unique personalized label bands make it easy to identify a one-year-old’s drink or snack. The labels would be especially great to send to daycare, but as a mom of four, I think they could also be useful at home! These Inchbug These Inchbug labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, and they are designed to fit a variety of cups, water bottles, and food containers.

5. Sand Toys

Equip your one-year-old for a sandbox or beach adventure with a set of sand toys. This sand toys set includes a pail, shovels, rakes, sand molds, and even a watering can. See my full list of beach toys for toddlers for more ideas.

Theme gift idea: For an even more unique gift idea, make it a themed gift! Package the sand toys with a pair of water shoes and a beach towel.

6. Kitchen Helper Stool

As one-year-olds grow, they like to help out in the kitchen. Your unique gift of a sturdy kitchen helper stool will allow a toddler to safely help with dishes or cooking, or just hang out alongside you as you work. I love how this one even comes with an activity board to help entertain your toddler.

7. Modular Couch

A modular couch offers lots of possibilities for one-year-olds as they grow. The couch can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate lounging, napping, drawing, or even performing puppet shows! Importantly, the cushions on this unique gift feature removable, washable covers.

8. Push Car

One-year-olds love being pushed around on the sidewalk or even in the backyard in a push car. I’ve strapped my own kids in and kept them quite content doing laps in our Step2 Push Around Buggy. The older siblings like to push the younger ones, too!

See a full list of best ride-on toys for one-year-olds.

9. Wagon with Canopy

A quality wagon will be put to good use on trips to the pool, park, or zoo with your one-year-old. This foldable Radio Flyer version comes with all-terrain tires, plenty of storage space, and a canopy to keep out the sun.

10. Sprinkler Pad

Sprinkler pads are great for helping one-year-olds to cool off and have fun in the summer heat. They’ll be able to use the sprinkler pad for years, and their family and friends can join in the fun, too.

11. Large Wearable Blankets

One-year-olds still change position a lot at night, and it can be hard to keep them covered up. Wearable blankets (sometimes called sleep sacks) are a safe, effective way to keep babies warm at night. Your one-year-old may have had piles of sleep sacks in smaller infant sizes and be in need of larger sizes as a unique gift.

12. Teepee Tent

A teepee tent makes a fun addition to any one-year-old’s playroom or playroom. This unique gift will offer your one-year-old hours of comfortable pretend play or reading time, alone or with a friend. This tent comes with lights and a padded mat, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is portable.

13. Memory Box

Give the one-year-old a special memory box to store keepsakes such as cards, letters, jewelry, photos, or other meaningful items. This memory box is a truly unique gift for a one-year-old because you can personalize the top of the lid.

14. Letters to My Baby

For a sentimental unique gift, give the Letters to My Baby book to a one-year-old’s parents. Parents will write letters based on prompts such as, “My wishes for you are…,” seal the letters, and give them to their child to treasure when he or she is older.

15. Faucet Extenders

One-year-olds are almost big enough to stand at the sink to wash their own hands. Now would be a great time to gift the parents with faucet extenders to help them be more independent at the sink. These highly-praised faucet extenders are neutral white, so they should be rather inconspicuous in your bathroom.

16. Foam Tunnel Climber

One-year-olds love to climb! With a foam climber, they can do so on a soft yet sturdy surface. This easy-to-clean climber even hooks together with Velcro to keep the pieces from sliding apart.

17. Foam Floor Mat

Want a unique gift for a one-year-old that will also please parents? Pick up a stylish foam floor mat so the one-year-old can play on a soft surface that also protects the floor beneath. This floor mat will be a huge hit because it is reversible, waterproof, non-toxic, and super stylish!

18. Baby Swing

There are few things my one-year-old loves more than swinging outside. Give the gift of a baby swing that can be attached to a swing set or tree outside, and you can rest assured you will be responsible for many future smiles and giggles.

19. First Year Photo Frame

Capture the one-year-old first twelve months with a special first-year photo frame. It will be fun to see how much the baby grew in such a short time, month by month!

20. Growth Chart

As the one-year-old grows like a weed, his parents can track his growth on his own growth chart. This I See Me! personalized growth chart makes a particularly unique gift for a one-year-old because the child’s name appears throughout the chart. It is not only at the top in large print, but it is also featured on the various vehicles.

 21. Balance Bike

Balance bikes help kids learn how to master balancing and steering on two wheels before moving to a bike with pedals. This Strider balance bike is designed for children as young as 18 months, making it a perfect unique gift for a one-year-old.

Read a full list of 24 ride-on toys and balance bikes for 1-year-olds.

22. Long-Sleeved Bib/Art Smock

Long-sleeved bibs offer full-body protection as one-year-olds feed themselves. They also double as art smocks for toddler painting projects. This waterproof long-sleeved bib even has a pocket that catches all the food that doesn’t quite make it into the toddler’s mouth!

Theme gift idea: Include a fingerpainting kit and paper so that the little artist can get to work!

23. Water Doodle Mat

For mess-free artistic fun that’s just the right speed for a one-year-old, try a Water Doodle Mat. Simply stamp, draw, or roll water on the mat and watch the colorful doodles form. When it dries, you can start all over again! The mat also rolls up for easy storage.

24. Bath Drops

Make bathtime even more fun with colorful bath drops! Simply add one to the bath and watch as the water changes color. These are also great for teaching kids about color combinations. Add red and yellow together, for example, to make an orange bath.

 25. Snow Sled

If the one-year-old lives in an area where snow play is an option, she’ll need a good snow sled! This unique sled is built just for children aged 6 months through 3 years. It has a high back and seatbelt so the baby will be nice and secure while being pulled through a winter wonderland.

26. Shopping Cart

Walking one-year-olds love to push things around! Load this shopping cart up with play food and take it for a spin. There is even a seat to give a special doll or stuffed animal a ride.

Theme gift idea: To make this gift an even bigger hit, add some play food.

27. Slide

Every one-year-old needs a good slide! This Little Tikes slide is the perfect size for a one-year-old. It can be used indoors or outdoors and folds down for storage when not in use. Find more awesome outdoor toys here!

28. Popsicle Molds

What’s better than eating popsicles? Eating popsicles you made yourself! Use these popsicle molds to create healthy frozen treats for your one-year-old. The included drip trays on the sticks, cleaning brush, and funnel used to pour the mixture into the molds will minimize mess. One-year-olds will especially appreciate these cold popsicles when teething.

29. Kids’ Chef Set

A chef set is a practical and unique gift for a one-year-old. Dress your toddler up and include her in your cooking. This 25-piece set includes an apron and hat, measuring spoons, rolling pin, and more. My one-year-old is always raiding my kitchen drawers anyway! Maybe you could also add on these measuring cups for extra fun.

30. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets provide a calming and soothing effect, and they can help kids sleep more soundly. Take careful note of the recommended body weight range for the child using the blanket you select. Most likely, this 3-pound blanket meant for children weighing 19-40 pounds will do the trick for a one-year-old.

31. Recordable Storybook

A recordable storybook makes a truly unique gift for a one-year-old. My sister, who lives in another state, gave us this book when my first daughter was born. It was so touching to be able to hear her voice reading to my child across the miles!

 32. Fun Ice Packs

One-year-olds will inevitably get lots of bumps and bruises. A cool compress can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Kids will be excited to use fun-shaped ice packs such as these to soothe their boo-boos, fevers, and bug bites.

33. Pool Float

A pool float will keep your one-year-old safe in the water. Strap the baby in and let her float right alongside you in the pool or at the lake. This one even has a sun shade!

34. Slippers

Help your one-year-old keep their feet toasty with these warm, skid-resistant slippers. They are a great alternative to both socks and shoes, which might be tough to keep on the little one’s feet.

35. Gift Memberships and Experiences

If you are looking for a unique gift for a one-year-old, think about experiences! Give a gift membership or gift card to a local:

  • children’s museum
  • aquarium
  • zoo
  • play cafe
  • swim school
  • rec center

For more ideas, read Practical Gifts for Two-Year-Olds.

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