Wooden puzzle for toddlers with colorful shapes.

These wooden puzzles for toddlers will get your child’s gears turning as he figures out how to match pictures and shapes. The age range for each of these puzzles starts between 12 and 36 months, and their features such as chunky pieces and peg handles make them easy for toddlers to maneuver. Since they are wooden puzzles, they are also durable and sustainable.

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Educational Puzzles for Toddlers

These educational puzzles for toddlers reinforce some of the concepts your little one will be learning in preschool, such as shapes, numbers, letters, and colors.

This brightly-colored chunky wooden alphabet puzzle will help your toddler learn his letters.

Work on numbers with this animal-themed numbers puzzle.

Practice shape recognition with the Melissa & Doug Shapes Wooden Chunky Puzzle – a favorite in our house.

Fun, friendly fish will help your toddler learn colors with this Melissa & Doug colors peg puzzle.

Introduce time-telling while reinforcing number and shape identification with a wooden shape sorting clock puzzle for toddlers.

Disney Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

If your toddler is a fan of Disney characters, these Disney wooden puzzles for toddlers are sure to be well-loved.

This unique Disney puzzle is chock full of favorite characters, from princesses to Mickey and Minnie. Your toddler will have fun connecting character-shaped pieces together to form a friendly crowd.

Melissa & Doug offers an eight-piece Mickey Mouse puzzle. The puzzle pieces can also double as pretend-play characters.

Add some extra fun to puzzle time with this Mickey Mouse sound puzzle for toddlers. Each time your toddler correctly places a puzzle piece, a corresponding vehicle sound will play.

Wooden Animal Puzzles

Each of these wooden puzzles for toddlers features animals – from pets to forest friends to sea creatures.

Each chunky wooden jigsaw puzzle in this six-pack features a different animal – owl, crab, ladybug, butterfly, bear, and frog. The puzzles are cut into easy-to-handle large pieces, and the colors and patterns are sure to engage your toddler.

For a unique wooden animal puzzle, try this cube puzzle for toddlers. Arrange the nine cubes to reveal six adorable animal pictures.

Images of wild animals in a woodland setting will delight your toddler as she completes this durable six-piece peg puzzle. The puzzle features a fox, swan, bear, deer, owl, and bird.

This house-shaped wooden animal puzzle from Melissa & Doug features three favorite house pets – cat, dog, and bird. These large pieces each have an oversized wooden knob, making them easy for toddlers to grasp.

Visit the barnyard with this farm animals puzzle from Melissa & Doug. The fun pieces each depict a different animal or the farmer himself, complete with jumbo wooden knobs. I have fond memories of introducing this puzzle to my first child when she was a toddler and being so proud as she matched up the pieces with their pictures.

Dive to the ocean floor with this colorful underwater puzzle. Each of the 11 chunky pieces depicts a different sea creature, and the knobs are perfect for little hands from 18 months and up.

Wooden Name Puzzles for Toddlers

Wooden name puzzles for toddlers make perfect personalized gifts that help toddlers learn their names while developing important fine motor and problem-solving skills.

This wooden name puzzle doubles as a fun train toy. Choose from primary or pastel colors, and you can even add a track.

Have this wooden name puzzle from Amazon customized with your toddler’s entire name – first, middle, and last. Choose between pastel or primary colors. You may add pegs to the pieces and have a custom message engraved on the back of the board.

A puzzle and practical gift for toddlers in one, this customized step stool includes your toddler’s name as puzzle pieces.

Wooden Peg Puzzles

These wooden puzzles for toddlers each include pegs, making the pieces easy for toddlers to pick up and set in place.

For the toddler who loves things that “go,” this Vehicles Wooden Peg Puzzle by Melissa & Doug contains eight pieces, each depicting a different vehicle.

This clever Melissa & Doug puzzle introduces shapes within the context of a house. The five pieces include a circle (sun), triangle (roof), oval (tree), rectangle (door), and square (window).

This tree-shaped puzzle contains six pieces, each showing a different fruit that is growing on the tree. Your toddler will love the bright and familiar strawberry, banana, apple, orange, grapes, and pineapple.

Introduce your child to musical instruments with this wooden sound puzzle from Melissa & Doug. Each piece represents a different instrument, and your toddler will hear its sound as he replaces the piece.

If you celebrate Christmas, you might love this festive holiday puzzle. Your toddler will enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with puzzle piece ornaments.

Discover everything happening within the walls of a family home with this Around the House wooden sound puzzle. When your toddler removes the pieces, she will be able to “see” inside each room. When she sets the pieces back in place, she will hear fun household sounds, such as bacon sizzling or a car starting.

Chunky Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

The wooden puzzles for toddlers below all have different themes and contain bright, chunky pieces. Puzzles like these have extra play value as your child can also use the pieces in pretend play, making these open-ended toys.

This construction puzzle by Melissa & Doug will transport your toddler to a busy building site. Each piece depicts a different construction vehicle, painted in eye-catching colors.

If your toddler loves dinosaurs, this chunky wooden puzzle will be a huge hit. It features a collection of bright dinosaurs against a background that includes jungle plants and volcanos. See my full list of dinosaur toys for toddlers here.

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This Montessori cooking puzzle doubles as play food and a pretend kitchen. Pieces include fruit, vegetable, fish, condiments, a pan, knobs, and utensils, and your toddler can actually use these to pretend to cook! This puzzle may be suited better for older toddlers due to the small size of some pieces.

If your toddler likes to pretend to cook, check out this list of top play food sets.

This pretty, pastel pack of puzzles will satisfy your toddler who loves magical things. The four jigsaw puzzles each contain a small number of chunky pieces to create a fairy princess, rainbow, castle, and unicorn. It also comes with magic wand and matching canvas bag.

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This fun, busy chunky wooden puzzle features a scene filled with animals going places. Each of the seven pieces depicts a different vehicle, from a dog riding a bike to an elephant driving a fire truck.

I hope you find your next gift or fun educational toy for your toddler in this list of wooden puzzles!

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